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The Company

The continuous search for the best raw materials and the newest production technologies. The Domus altar breads are prepared with the most precious heart of wheat, the most candid part of flour, pure water and the work of man. The only added ingredients are our passion and, of course, our faith.


The quality of a product begins with the quality of its ingredients
For the preparation of the Domus altar breads only the flour “sfoglia” is used, an ingredient of superior quality with respect to type “00”, obtained by the flower of the flour and by this one without bran. A product of uniform white color is born, always compact and without fragments.



Before processing, the flour passes through a system of sieves called Plansichter. A special process that eliminates any impurities present in the flour, guaranteeing the total purity of the altar breads.

Steam cooking

Unused altar breads are cut and burned; this generates water vapor that heats a latest-generation oven, created exclusively for Domus. By slow cooking the hosts in this way, produces the typical Red Bread Detergent; a unique product with it's distinctive color and flavour.

The Control

After molding the altar bread, they are routed in a channel controlled by sophisticated cameras that discard the defective hosts. An advanced optical selection system guarantees the quality of the product.

Our Factory

An establishment that combines traditional techniques and advanced production technologies
A craftsmanship and innovative equipment capable of differentiating the production without forgetting the care in the packaging and the maximum flexibility of preparation. All this in an environment where technology and human endeavor are at the service of quality at all levels; From the selection of the raw materials to the finished product, ready to be distributed.